Final Drive rear axle installation


I am new to Guzzi’s so this is probably a simple question but here goes;

I am restoring a V50 MK3 1981 that I bought as a pile of bits. I am rebuilding the final drive and I presented the axle to make sure the final washer was in place and aligned before tightening. The axle is 2mm diameter smaller that the final drive casing hole so it would not provde any support, is this right?

I have checked the manuals and there doesn’t appear to be any shims or spacers nor is there anything in the pile of bits.

Thanks in advance for any insight.


I don’t know the answer but I have attached pdf exploded diagram from parts catalogue showing rear trans - there are various shims and seals relating to the drive shaft and its location in trans casing.


Hmmm - not sure about attachment but the parts catalogues and other docs are available on Gregory Bender’s excellent “This Old Tractor” website. Link below:

Not quite clear without a picture.

The axle pushes through from the LH side of the bike. The LH side of the spindle is a larger dia and should just be a sliding fit into the s/arm on that side. It passes through the s/arm on that side, then through the dished cover then into the wheel and out the S/arm on the other side. The RH sied of the s/arm is a smaller dia, same size as the ID of the wheel bearings.
Screenshot 2021-03-11 114538.jpg

Hey - managed to post a picture.

Shows the wheel mounted up on the hub spigots. Dished cover not in shot. Spindle ready to take off the nut and washer and push through from the LH side.

Bevel Box & Axle.jpg
Hopefully this helps, the axle (correct size in wheel bearings and swing arm) is a loose fit in the final drive box. Is there a shim or top hat bush required. I can’t see anything in the workshop manual or parts list. When the wheel is finally mounted it will ride on the cush drive but it seems odd that this is so sloppy.

As said before I bought a pile of bits and I have already found lots of other bits that aren’t as expected. Just looking for some help, shloud this be a snug fit or are they really as loose as this as standard?

Thanks again Rod

Rear Wheel diagram.jpg
Davros - Just seen this in the spare parts catalogue you suggested. Guess I am missing the spacer part number 20. I have checked the boxes of parts and it isn’t there :neutral_face:

So does anyone have a spare one?

Having a quick look around for images, this one on ebay seems to have a sleeve inside the bevel box.

Ah - all becomes clear. Yes, someone posted up on one of the FB forums a while back on just this. They had that tube missing. I guess it should be a press fit.

If you have trouble finding one then you could try Nigel at NBS, he might well have a few old ones floating about.

Thanks for all the help with this question. I have “discovered” the missing part lurking at the bottom of a sludge filled crate of what I thought was just rusty old bolts! I would never have realised had I not seen the diagram and pictures. Just glad I didn’t bin it!

Problem solved!! :smiley:

Good grief … :open_mouth:

Great news. Another missing piece from the jigsaw found.