Fitting a Le Mans binnacle/console to Le

Good evening all.

I’ve been thinking about doing this conversion for a while now, but not had the know how or confidence to get started. It might be best to get someone more qualified than myself to convert, but I wondered if there was anyone who had done it, how hard it was to do and/or if there was already a post on the forum that documented it. I have looked for previous posts with no succes. Any help or advice is welcome


David, maybe it is me but a bit more info may help. From your post I take it you have an LM2 but want to fit the speedo/tach/warning lights console from another LM model but which one did you have in mind? Sorry if I got that completely wrong

This is easy enough to do David. I’m in the middle of my ‘mock 1’ conversion at the moment.
The top yoke on the lemans 2 has lugs for handlebars. Its the same top yoke as the T3. The cockpit/clock surround is bolted to it. One of these will bolt straight on. Aluminium housing that will take both your speedo and tacho.Gutsibits and stein dinse sell these.

If you want the ‘mark 1’ look you can just cut the handlebar lugs off the yoke and fill/paint it to make it flush… (I can put up a pic tomorrow of mine)… A T3/lemans binacle will then bolt to the two smaller lugs on the front of the yoke. The forks on a mark one are narrower so a top yoke from one of these will not fit a mark 2…

As for wiring this should be straight forward enough although you will have left over voltmeter and clock connections…
Hope my ramblings helpguzzipainter2012-08-14 22:28:38

Hi classkawa
Yes I want to fit a lm1 clock/tachometer surround to my lm2,.

Hi guzzi painter
Would be grateful for any pics you might be able to send please


Here’s the top yoke from the lemans 2, ‘Delugged’… I am pointing to the forward lugs where your earlier type binacle will bolt to…

It is the same yoke as a T3. Here is my T3 with the handlebar lugs and I and am pointing to the same forward lugs where the clocks bolt to…Its an easy enough job…

Are you leaving the lemans 2 fairing on?


I did a similar thing to my t5 ( not as posh as a lemons …)I laser cut some stainless brackets ( copy of the lemans design) :-

There is a lot more thread on your center shaft than mine, there is just enough to get the center yoke bolt fitted ( 5-6 threads worth) on my t5
guzzi-t52012-08-15 10:28:46

Youi could keep the lugs and use ace bars, or look at the bars fitted to the newer Guzzis of the V11 sport/1200 sport /Billabiao they use “regular” bars as opposed to “clip ons” as clip ons do not work for everyone.

Yes, I dont have the sleeved nut under the yoke in the photo. I only laid the yoke on for the photo…

Yes, mine had a set of adjustable Raask bars, no clip ons when it came to me. I’m sacrificing comfort for looks. Its easy to fit a another yoke later should I want to go back to higher bars.

I always found it very awkward looking back over the shoulder with the clip-ons. Having no mirrors didn’t help either

nice one Sean, was sat looking at picture trying to work out why you had loads of thread…

Het Sean. That is great. Just what I needed to see. I feel a lot more confident in getting this job completed . Grat photos. Many thanks indeed
David… Ps. I am fitting the mk1 fairing.