Fitting an Oil Cooler to a 1978 Spada

I have recently purchased a unfinished project bike and intent on finishing the café racer project. It came with lots of very nice high end components so could make a really special bike when finished (with further 6 to 7K investment!). The engine was modified 25 years ago by RaceCo and has never been run since as the project stalled! As it has a modified engine already with a sump extension and will need to come apart due to sitting for such a long time I am considering swapping out the basic sump extension for one that has an external oil filter and ports for feeding an oil cooler.
Question: I have found a German company Stein-Dinese which have the exact sump extension I am looking for, but currently out of stock. Does anyone know of an alternative supplier or have any advice on fitting an oil cooler to a Lemans or Spada from 1978 era?

I have a sump extension on my bike that has a slot cast through from front to back, which acts as an oil cooler. External oil coolers have been discussed on here and my worry would be a stone or like puncturing the filter casing, apart from that they look naff to me. If you drop the sump every time you change the oil filter it gives you a chance to clean out any swarf or oil/water mayonnaise that might have accumulated in there.

So my view is that a normal sump extension will hang the oil further out in the breeze and so cool it better and an external oil filter is surplus to needs and unattractive unless you hide it in a lower front fairing like on the 1000 Le Mans.

Photos of my sump extension/oil cooler

You can get ones where the oil filter is at the back of the sump extension, which would lokk better but I have not seen one like this in the flesh.

Gutsibits sell one ref ENA14005 where the filter is set in the bottom of the sump but is removed from below. Not cheap at £395 though.

They also do one ref ENA14002 with the filter at the front for £155.40, it does not have the oil cooler take offs but they make a good point that with the oil filter out in the breeze the oil gets more cooling than the standard set up. You do need to cut the fins on the timing cover to suit to allow it to fit.

Thanks for the replays, really like the throw air flow sump extension and if I could find one its a good option. In the mean time I have had a email fron the German company notifying they had a batch made, I have order and it arrived a few days ago. very nice it is to. Not worried about a stone piercing the radiator no more likely than any car radiator, and it’s never happened to me in 600000 miles motoring. Given the guzzi will probably only clock up 500miles a year when finished I will risk having to replace it if damaged. Regarding looks, I am building a Cafe Racer so will have a fairing and the radiator will add to the theme and also if it does get put around a track at pace it will keep the oil from over heating and protect the engine. Cheers Clive

I’m not understanding why you need an oil cooler on a guzzi?
The cylinders already stick out into the cooling air
in the UK at least with low ambient air temperatures it can take heck of a while to get a big block guzzi properly warmed through and the oil temperature up before you can safely let it have full throttle
if you start revving it when the oil is still cold and thick you’ll do the engine more damage
an oil cooler will only delay the point when you reach full revs operating temperature

At least fit a thermostat to your cooler if you must have one - for the sake of your engine

The deeper sump extension is to aid internal engine breathing - not cooling

Worth considering what viscosity oil you need to use too in order to get a quicker warm up (10/40 or 10/50 or 20/50) depending on the overall use

Yep! I would fit a thermostat, oil takes ages to get to working temp without one.

More oil problems occur when the oil doesn’t reach its operating temperature.

Thanks everyone for your replays, I agree an oil cooler is probably over the top, however I am intent on building the ultimate Cafe Racer and may well give it a thrashing around a track. It has a Raceco modified engine so should fly, and will have many other high end parts, many already acquired. The sump extension I have acquired has a built in thermostate and only allows oil to flow to cooler when above 80 degrees, also the external oil filter is on the rear which is neat. Check out the attachment for details. Regards Clive