fitting dynacoils to Le mans

Just got a pair of dynacoils for my lemon. Fairly happy about the low tension connections. The ht ones though are the lead to the plug and where the steel former through the middle mounts to the bike. At the moment I have mine in a line with the formers bolted together, and earthed obviously. Should I be concerned mounting them like this?

Dynatek? Had to look them up ~ if you’ve got the coils touching end to end there might be a problem with one core inducing a current in the opposite coil so might get sparks on both cyl. simultaneously. Then again might not.

I have twin lead Dynacoils on my 950, I welded up a bracket to suspend them between the pots as high as possible but to keep them apart and also to route the 4 HT leads (twin spark) as easily as possible. Both coils have the square core bar bolted to the bracket (so as if bolted together) and earthed, I have not had any ignition problems to date.

OK then!

I have seen coils mounted on a bracket fitted directly to the engine.AFAIK heat is not a problem.