Fitting LM2 wheel on T3

Can any one tell me if you can fit T3 front discs straight onto a front cast wheel from a LM2 AND will the said setup fit straight into T3 front forks or do you need aditional spacers fitted between the cast wheel and the discs.

I reckon that all the cast wheels of that era are the same. The variation is in the discs where they may have a deeper dish / carrier to fit the wider forks of some models. So a big YES from me. No additional spacer required.


No, front wheels for the lemon1,11 and 111 are different to the Spada, t3 etc.
I know as I have a T3 wheel complete sitting around in my garage.
The rears are identical in fitment except the last of the mk111 lemons had straight legs.

Discs should fit ok but you will need to space them out (as LM II had dished discs). You will probably need spacers turned with shoulder to locate disc concentrically on hub flange. I must state have not done this modification myself, so I could be wrong!CheersJames

James2012-05-09 10:27:37

Also the lm11 front wheel is worth more than a T3 etc so the cost of making fit is unnecassary.

OK OK I stand corrected. It is all part of the learning curve / spiral.


Thanks I thought as much after looking through all the parts listings and putting two and together.Mk1 and 2 wheels are the same and so are there discs BUT on the Mk2 there are alloy spacers ( which i believe to be 7.5mm wide) between the discs and the wheel to take up the wider forks fitted to the Mk2. The T3 /G5/convert wheel is wider were the disc sits ,so you can fit there shallower discs on without a spacer between the wheel and disc.ralph2012-05-09 22:56:41