Fitting Mistral crossover pipe to Breva 1100

Mine arrived from Germany yesterday so I thought I would nip home at lunchtime to fit it.
Removed silencer, removed CO2 sensor thing from Cat, loosened clamps between Cat and downpipes, removed the bolts which slide into the Cat rubber mountings, started to ease Cat away from downpipes but it moved about 10 or 15mm then came to a halt as it fouled something above it. I ran out of time. Would I be correct in thinking the downpipes need to be removed, or at least loosened a fair bit so they can angle down, for the cat to be removed completely?

Whilst I am at it, does the Mistral pipe need gaskets between it and the downpipes or the silencer (I will be fitting a Quill when it arrives)? Anything else I need to know?
I know it should be a straightforward job, but it is Italian after all :slight_smile:

Haven`t got time to wait for you chaps
Completed the fitment when I got home tonight.
For the record, if anybody else is doing it…as above plus…
Yes, you need to slacken the header clamp bolts a fair bit, but no need to remove them. Before loosening I made pencil marks on the clamps and the pipe as a reference for when re-tightening.
The plastic belly pan also has to come off to remove the cat.
I put the bike onto the side stand to finally drop the cat as it looked like there would be more clearance. Not sure if it would come off if on main stand.
To fit the Mistral pipe I only removed the left bend by removing its retaining spring. I then fitted the pipe onto the right header, followed by re-fitting the left bend. I have left everything a bit loose for now, until my new Quill silencer arrives.
Funny how the link pipe can get here from Germany before the silencer arrives from the UK. They were ordered the same evening.

The fit compromise is the O2 sensor screwed into the mistral xover is so close to the frame. Both headers are just a tad to the right to allow a mm between the 02 sensor body and frame. Some suggested that touching here causes extra vibration -but the frame is a stess member so don’t think it makes much difference. Also the bend radius and diameter of the Quill is important because your side stand could touch it in the up position. It does this with a mistral plus oem zaust. A mistral has smaller diameter pipe giving the stand more clearance. You real question for the neighbours id db killer or not?

Yes, I noticed how close the sensor was to the frame. The reason I have left it all a bit loose is so I can have a fiddle once it is all in place. I have fitted several after market systems in my time and they always seem toi need a bit of fettling.
I get on well with the neighbours, but they will have have to put up with whatever noise I prefer as that is the whole point of the exercise

I think I removed the starter motor to get to the O2 sensor. I couldn’t remove the cat until I rolled the bike off the centre stand.

I fitted a Staintune muffler at the same time which didn’t have quite the same radius of bend as the original, so the sidestand use to rub on it and the sensor rubbed the frame for quite a while.

One wet day, I put the bike up on the bike lift, loosened all the headers and clamps and jigged it all around and finally got a clean fit.

That is what I figure should work.

Amazing isnt it. My silencer arrived from Quill today. A chap called me a couple of days ago to check the exact model as he didnt want to send the wrong link pipe.

Just has a call from them. Apparently the one they have sent is for the 750. Remarkable!

For anybody ordering one of these, do it over the phone, backed up by an email. Do not use their website.
The dropdown menu on their website allows you to choose Breva or 1200 Breva, so naturally one would assume Breva means the original 1100 version. It would appear not!
I still can`t fathom how they can still get it wrong after calling me.Mark Shelley2014-03-12 13:56:14

Jim says the new pipe will be in tomorrows post. Hope it fits.

If the side stand fouls it in the up position take 1 of the 2 pull up springs off it to make it pull up less or stick a rubber stop pad in the hinge area

A piece of thick rubber hose round the sidestand stop does the job.G.

Another little note for anybody else doing this…
You need a standard CAT to sliencer gasket to fit the Quill link pipe.
Cheap at £17…WTF!!!

Unbelievable how a simple job can become so complicated. Scrub the comment above about the standard gasket. The gasket fits the Mistral CAT pipe perfectly, but the outside diameter is too great for the Quill link pipe.
£17 wasted!
The gap is way to much for the clamp to take up so I will have to come up with another way of shimming the gap. This really shouldn`t be necessary!