Fitting New Brake Discs - V35

Going to fit a pair of new front disk’s this weekend to the v35

anything i need to watch out for?

Do i need to apply some thread lock to the bolts when re fitting

From “interesting” experience with the NTX
I use stainless nylocs to replace the original nuts,
Be slow and steady when removing the wheel and dismantling as the spacers sometimes have a shoulder cut into them and the manuals don’t show this.
Go steady on pinch bolts particularly if they are the M6 ones,
Other than that it’s a nice easy, common sense job.
Sorry if this is stating the obvious
Best of luck

Like he says, just make sure the mating surfaces are clean too, probably best to check the discs are running true before fitting the pads.

Good points
I tend to fit the wheel loosely and without the calipers fitted. Lift the front end enough to spin the wheel 9if not there already) and spin the wheel a couple of times to check for true either by eye or a flat vertical face (lump of 3X3" fence post!)
All the best

i’ve got a dial gauge in the work shop to test the run out

did the factory put any locking compound on the threads

Not so far as I have noticed.

No, not on those small blocks, they use a type of self locking nut on each bolt.On the models where the disc is screwed into the alloy hub only, they do use thread locking compound.

Lario and NTX nyloc nuts. T3 really neat locking tabs.