Fitting new discs

When fitting new discs be very carefull the mounting bolts are very soft had to destroy one to get the disc off and that was using a good socket set had the same problem last time I did the valves changed all the rocker bolts to normal bolts rather than the stupid mushroom ones a few people have had the same problem with most of the guzzi fasteners on a lot of the guzzi ranges back to changing all the nuts and bolts on guzzis again ? Will Moto Guzzi ever learn ?

New discs already? Sounds like it’s not only the fastenings that are made of cheese.

When I first put new pads on the left hand side they stuck on after about a mile down the road I had to kick the caliper several times to free it off that’s how I damaged the disc but after this several pads later I had to renew the disc so when doing new pads on the new radial calipers always leave the bolts loose then press the lever let the caliper centre then thigten them up I managed 18,000 ml before renewing it so I can’t Complane.

Fair enough. We can’t expect stuff to deal with gaffs.
When I put new pads in, I forgot to release the pressure in the resvoir.
Three laps in to Cadwell, complete front brake failure going in to the hairpin just along from the clubhouse.
Won’t make that mistake again.
The heat in the caller and pads distorted the discs on mine too.