Fitting petrol tank on Convert.

I am refitting my petrol tank, but it doesn’t look quite right at the back. The back bit, where the petrol taps are, is raised - not flush with the frame - a gap, so the rear edge is not touching the frame by about an inch. Has anyone got a picture of how the rubbers fit at the back and a side view of the the tank in place so I can see how it should be?

Right, I think it’s meant to be like it, so that the cables have somewhere to go. With the police seat in place it looks OK.

if you have a haynes manual pg 118 there is a rubber on the frame top tube just short of halfway along it …the other two fit on the horizontal tubes just before the centre piece T’s into the frame which is just above and slightly in front of the carbs.

If you look at published pictures the bottom of the tank does appear to lift up BUT the crease 1/3 of the way up is horizontal with the bike on the centre stand …on some the name badge is below that crease and others it is above it.

Dunno if this helps at all mate.

Found this in the gallery: Members bikes dunno if it helps at allguzzibear2013-01-29 21:08:36

Thanks, I realised that the gap, which reduced with a thump, was there for the cables. It just looked wrong with no seat in place. I have several seats but can’t get anything to look right except the original. I want a solo saddle, but the police one looks silly at the back, being jacked upon the brackets.

Should be the same for any tonti frame model with the standard tank I rotate the rubbers a bi t to get the tank sitting lower at the back, the seat closes better that way but the rubbers should be so the flats support the bottom of the tank.

Sometimes the tank does not “seat” on the rubbers at the headstock make sure the “hook” shape is seated at the front and the fuel taps are not trapping the throttle or more likely the choke cables.

Have to say the oem seat on a V1000 is described as one of the most comfy seats on any Guzzi, I have been lucky as the king/queen seat I bought on e-bay had been upholstered very very well onto a Guzzi base and it is extremely comfy, but I had no real issues with the OEM seat and it sure covered an awful lot of miles.

Have you taken a look in the "Gallery : Members bikes? there is a T3 with single seat pictured there mate.

No it mustn’t touch the frame anywhere else will just rub on it, vibrate, rattle, maybe get holes worn in it or cracks. As Don’s pic the rubbers space it away from the frame everywhere. Gap under the back edge of at least half an inch is correct. Nothing to do with cables. Albeit the gaps thus created may be exploited by same. HTH