Flickering Stelvio Brake Light

I had a flickering brake light on the Stelvio during this mornings ride.
It turned out to be from the front brake lever not being pushed fully back by the secondary piston rod. Upon examination I found that the conical shaped spring under the rubber gaiter had rusted through! I managed to get the remains out through the gaiter hole and fitted a new spring which I think is the same shape as the original. What I want to know is 1) has anyone else else suffered this type of failure and 2) are the gaiter and spring available as spare parts from Brembo? (they are shown quite clearly in the Stelvio spare parts book but have no part numbers etc). I cannot get the gaiter out of the master cylinder and don’t want to pull on it too hard as I think it will split.
Any comments are welcomed.

Just as a comment, so much for having a gaiter to keep water out! :astonished:

Have you greased the new spring?