float height phf 36 carbs le mans 11

good evening gents, could somebody give me the float height for phf 36 pumper carbs on my le mans 11, my dodgy haynes manual gives  23.5-24.5mm fo le mans but no specific model.  both carbs had  a fair bit less than these figures more like 18mm, thoughts gents please ?  regards russ

For PHF apparently 18.5 - 17.5.

I set mine to 18.5mm for a 10g float as stated in the Haynes manual under the heading’ “carburettor-Le Mans model only”, i ended up renewing the float valve and seat as the previous owner just bent the floats to stop the carbs leaking but this just caused fuel starvation when ridden hard due to the lack of fuel in the float bowl.
This was to be the story with my bike all the way through the rebuild, Â people didn’t seem to maintain these bikes to well and what they did was generally botched!

thanks gents must have missed that info many thanks to you both  russ :smiley: