Float needle valve sizes ?

Hi all, … I am just about to attempt sorting out my overflowing/leaking PHF 36 Carbs by replacing the Viton tipped Float needle valves. But am surprised to find that Dellorto supply loads of different sized ones ranging from 150-400 ? Has anyone any idea why, … and what should be appropriate for a 948cc 1993 Cali 3 ?
Thanks for any feedback …

Hopefully, an expert on PHF36 needle floats valves will be along shortly, but if not, I’d offer you the standard, tried and trusted advice for Dellorto carb parts and product knowledge: have you spoken with Eurocarb? Never heard anyone offer up anything but praise for their knowledge and customer service. Hope this, at least, helps.


Thanks Barry, … I’ll give them a go … . Don’t know why I didn’t think of that before I posted on the forum !



I had no idea of the go-to’s when I started out, and other Guzzi owners helped me in the right direction. Gutsibits and Europarts were two of the most solid steers I was given.

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The Cali 3 uses a 250 Float Valve.