Flywheel magneto repairs

I’m new to this club and would appreciated some help trying to get my 1958 98cc Zigolo back on the road.
I recently purchased the bike as a restoration project, and it looks like the flywheel magneto is completed gone. I cannot get it to produce any spark when kick started, or light a 6v lamp. I’ve tried changing the capacitor but no success. When I removed the flywheel, there was some evidence of copper debris inside, so I think I need to have the two coils re-wound. Plus the points replaced.
Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Many thanks,

Replacement coils are available from Italy via It would probably be cheaper than getting your old ones rewound.
My Stornello is probably similar. That has 2 coils, one for the spark (produced by an external HT coil) and an AC coil to charge the battery, power the lights etc

Thanks Don, I have been looking on the net for parts etc, and tried the Italian eBay option also. The problem I have is, its the Spanish made Moto Guzzi so the Italian parts look different so may not fit. I have had some success with an engineering firm who have quoted £150 to rewind both coils so I think this may be the best option.

You can buy the coils and bolt them to the stator plate Such as this…
I’m not sure how the Zigolo system works. My Stornello has 2 coils in the flywheel, both produce AC.
The lower coil goes through the points and then onto a HT coil under the tank. If you can identify the wire from the points to the coil and kick the bike over, it should produce an AC power. It will rise and fall as the points open and close, but you should see a multimeter flicker. Use an needle type meter, not a digital one.
Then there are 2 wires from the top coil that produces AC and connecting a meter across these again should produce an AC power.

Where abouts are you? Maybe someone local to give a second opinion before splashing out for a rewind.

Thanks don, I’ve had a good look on the Italian eBay site and they do list quite a few useful parts for the Zigolo. I’ve tried connecting a multi meter with no success, I also tried just connecting one of the 6v lamps to it also but again no output. The Zigolo has two coils, both producing a.c. output, like the Stornello. One goes via the points to the spark plug and the other provides power for the horn and lights. I’ve tried several local engineering firms in Cardiff with no success. I friend who restores bikes recommended Moped land in Ipswich, and I’ve been speaking to them. They are going to take a look and run some tests on it and then give me a quote so I am going to try this option and the moment. This will give me more time to continue to strip the engine down. The clutch looks like it’s going to be fun. Thanks and I’ll let you know the outcome. Jon

Having rebuilt the Falcone magneto I have an interest in this subject. A friend rebuilds garden machinery you can buy a complete carb fir £20 and all sorts of mag type flywheel generating coils for £6 . I bought one and will see if it could be modified for use. Think this might be a good idea I made a rig to test using an electric drill you can buy universal joints shafts etc. A chainsaw is doing exactly the same as a small bike reference spark.
Regards Ratt

Hi Jon
Did you make any progress with your electrical issues? I am working on 3 Stornello projects and am looking at how to upgrade the elctrics. Mine are producing limited amounts of AC by spinning the engine over and connecting an old analogue multimeter from each of the output wires to earth. I’m looking into ways to up this to 12volts so I can get some half decent lights etc.
I did speak to West Country windings about having a coil rewound, they wanted £150 per coil and could give no guarantee as to the sort of wattage likely to be acheived.

Hi Don,
Sorry for the delay, only just checked the site.
My restoration is still on going so haven’t tested the magneto yet. I had mine tested and it came back as working ok.
I did have an interesting conversation with rex rewinds on 01580 880 768. I think I spoke to Marcus, he was confident in their ability to rewind the coils, and seemed quite knowledgeable. It may be worth a call. There website is
Hopefully they can help.

Hi Jon Thanks for the reply. I did contact Rex Speed shop, but their reply was not so positive…
“I’m sorry but due to covid and the restrictions we have on the number of staff allowed in at work, we are not able to take on any re-design projects at this time.”
I have since ordered a 12V 80w coil from a Tomos moped and hope that I can fit that onto my stator plate to see what output it will give.
I did test the output from my running stornello and found one half of the power coil actually gave out 12V with no load and 6V on the secondary winding for battery charging, so if I can combine both of those outputs into one, I could have a reasonable electrical power to run some 12V LED lights off the battery.