Hello to all

I have a secret desire to own a California, not too phased by wielding a spanner, the only concern is will it fit?
I’m 6’4" anybody else my height-ish and ride a Cali?

Thanks for your advice.

Three phase is best and providing the spanner matches the bolt size you’ll be O.K…I’m 5’7" and ride a Convert which is not quite a Cali so can’t give a definitive answer…sorry… :slight_smile:

Reading my original post you are correct…it makes very little sense.

Ignore the single/two/three phase/spanner jibberish!

“I’m 6’4” anybody else my height-ish and ride a Cali?" and is it comfortable? should be the question./test/webwiz/smileys/smiley4.gif


when I was a member of the Italian Motorcycle Owners club back in the mid 1990’s there was a committee member called John Riches from Towcester in Northants who had a Cali, he was 6ft 7 inches tall, I know for sure he had the seat modified to fit his height, not sure re anything else, and he had it for some years.

i’m 6’2’ ride and ride a stone , the only problem you will have is screen height . I live south London , come and have a go .

Thanks Northwest sounds promising.

Theoneandonly, tempting but I’m in Harrogate N Yorkshire so will search for something closer first.
Thanks anyway

Hi, You’re in a good location in Harrogate with Motostrada one way and Teasdales the other. Take a drive and get your leg over!Regards,John

John had the seat altered as a level seat and rode it alot

I recently got a california 1100i, still adapting to the Guzzi brakes, but at 6’2" I don’t have any problems. Try one.

Go try one … I am 6’ 1" have no probs with V1000/ cali 1100 or cali 1400 heck just get he seat altered if you need to.

HD Stevee get used to using the wee spigot on the brake works fine and will stop no matter how hard you stomp it …in a straight line …NO diving get a quiet road and keep testing it till you gain confidence … 'till abs came along it would outbreak just about every bike on the roadguzzibear2013-10-26 00:38:33

i have 2 cali 1100i s and i am 5 " 6 no bother for my shortbottom

I don’t know if the more recent Calis were a different size to the earlier ones, but when I sat on one of the retro models which came out about 5 years ago, I found my knees were far too high for comfort. The footboards were way too high. I rode an earlier mid-90s model a few years back, and found that was OK, though it had footpegs not boards. Problem with that was that it vibrated enough to give me white-knuckle syndrome at anything above 70mph after a short blat round Oxford ring-road. I am 6ft 2 with fairly short legs.

I think the Vintage may have had a lower seat in relation to the boards compared to earlier models. I had a 2004 hydro which was fine, although it did have the higher touring seat.

What’s a Hydro? never heard of that one

The California produced from about 2003 to 2005 has hydraulic tappets and so is often referred to as the ‘hydro’. The earliest ones suffered cam failures; I had one of the later ones, by which time they’d sorted out the problem. It seemed to have even more ‘grunt’ than other models. The Vintage came out around 2006, has regular tappets, but I have read that the seat is lower in relation to the foot boards.

Mad Dawg, the definitive answer is borrow one and take it for a long test ride…a very long test ride. Some people of your altitude may be comfy on a Cali but you may not. They are very personal and do take time to adjust to. But they are fantastic touring bikes. As for wielding a spanner. I did not have a moments problem with mine over the 10,000 miles I had it. The servicing is a doddle and it is great for 2 up touring. I sold mine this summer and cannot recommend them highly enough.


Stevesteveindenmark2013-12-11 16:58:10

Rather depends what sort of Cali you are looking at. Mk1s have the huge buddy seat which is well suited to one person shuffling around to get comfortable but useless for 2. Later ones as above are more shaped so you are slotted in. New type ones are different again . . .

Meant to add - I’ve a T3 Cali just N of Coventry if you want to try the fit.BondEquipe2013-12-13 14:34:46