Followers and pushrods

I think I have traced a rattle from left side of my engine to the cam follower(s). Reading up on this in Guzziology (section 5:24 if interested) it suggests that the followers and pushrods were updated. P/n for the original followers is 1204-5800 and the later ones 1704-5800. The later ones are described as having a larger diameter receptacle in the bottom hence needing a pushrod with a larger end.
Does anyone recommend switching the early pushrods and followers for the later ones or see any particular advantage?
Bike is a standard 1980 LM2Â

Before doing that what are the valve clearances?

8 thou inlet 9 thou exhaust.

These tappets are normally somewhat on the noisy side. Also one cam causes a rattle a bit more than the rest, so I heard somewhere once, due to profile being slightly different. Not sure how true that is but was supposed to be one of the exhausts IIRC.

Appendix: if you can get the followers out, look at the bottom faces, if they are showing signs of pitting in the centre then it means the surface hardening is starting to break up so they should be replaced, in which case, OK do it!

Mike, the clue I think to the follower wearing isn’t just the noise but the inlet clearance that side is opening up too rapidly. I set it to .25mm approx 220 miles ago and the exhaust is spot on but the inlet is already .4mm, a classic indicator of a worn tappet.

I really wondered if there was any experience of swopping the early followers and pushrods for the later ones. Whether there was any advantage or not, otherwise I will just plan on replacing the one on the left inlet

Ah right it’s fcuk’d then. Will need a camshaft too as the lobe with be damaged as well. If there are later improved versions then it’s logical that they should be what you get when you buy new ones. (?)

OMG I hope not I am hoping I have caught it in time before the camshaft is damaged. I will feedback on here

Think you may be unlucky, once the follower starts breaking up it develops sharp corners which trash the cam. (Guess how I know!) It will also damage the tunnel it lives in in the crankcase, which is just soft alloy.

In any case don’t run the engine again until inspected / fixed!

Inspecting the followers requires barrels off to get them out, then you should also be able to see the cam lobes through the open holes. I’m not optimistic tho.

Although new followers may be used with an original used camshaft, pretty sure you can’t use used followers with a replacement camshaft, whether brand new or 2nd hand, cos they just score it to pieces. That’s what Motomecca told me anyway.

If any followers show signs of pitting they’re knacked anyway so need replacing ASAP. If not all are pitted best replace the whole lot as those that might look OK now won’t have far to go before they’re in the same state. False economy I’m afraid to just buy what looks like the most obviously damaged one(s) only.

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