Hi all.
Would like some footboards for my 2000 Cali Special 1100.
Could anyone tell me how/where they fix onto. Most boards have 2 fixing points. I guess 1 point is where the foot peg is. Not sure where the 2nd is.
Just wanted to check before purchase.

The best bet would be to pick up a pair of lower frame rails from a Cali with the footboards. They are interchangeable.

Different frame rails, Russ, with different mounting points for foot pegs, or for footboards. A good way to understand the differences (and thus what is required for the ‘conversion’) might be to download and pore over a parts book for the two variants.

You can see the various parts books here

While you are at it, just think about the gearchange and brake pedal positions. Again, parts diagrams are a good starting point.

PS. If you are not used to footboards you will find that putting your feet down requires a wider stance to clear the board edges.