Forum advice, please

I had an advert removed from our Facebook ‘Wanted and For Sale’ page, as what I was selling (a Helite airbag vest) was not Guzzi related. Can I ask whether this would be allowed in the Marketplace on this forum? I don’t want to risk making the same mistake twice.

Whilst the rules here do not specifically exclude such items, the general expectation is: Guzzi related. You can see for yourself that the vast majority of items posted in the “For Sale - Parts & Accessories” category are indeed Guzzi related, and that is certainly encouraged and also indicates, I think, intent from participating members.

Presumably anyone selling non-Guzzi related items has found an alternate ‘general sales’ marketplace.

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there are some clothes on the mgcgb marketplace though, at the moment

This is interesting.

Without causing offence to anyone, I would have thought that “Guzzi related” refers to any Member selling a motorcycle related item or accessories.

I consider my riding jacket, boots, helmet etc as motorcycle accessories. After all, without those items I can’t ride my bike. Well I could but the Law doesn’t allow it and more importantly, who would want to see an old geezer riding a bike in his underwear!!?? :joy: :cold_face:

I have just tried to read the Rules but found only the link to the Club’s Market Place Terms and Conditions which has the clear statement Marketplace is a free service for MGCGB members to place classified ads for bikes, parts, or accessories that are for sale or wanted.

As @sidthedid stated, the Club’s Market Place has multiple items of clothing for sale.

Many thanks for your replies. I think, after reading them that it is somewhat ambivalent whether whether an item of motorcycle clothing is Guzzi related or not, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and will place the ad.

Hi Henry. Good question and hopefully someone will provide an answer soon.A useful guide in the absence of rules is to look at other adverts. This will give a good idea of what is allowed.
The Facebook Buy&Sell page clearly states that it is for Moto Guzzi specific items. This is one of the rules that people agree to when joining the page. It focuses buyers and sellers and makes the number of posts manageable.
Hope this helps

Are you sure? The only clothing and accessories on the MGCGB Facebook Buy&Sell page are Moto Guzzi specific. The admin team are keen on being fair and equitable. I’ve just checked the 50+ adverts going back to October 2023 and can’t find any clothing.
There are a number of Moto Guzzi pages including Moto Guzzi sales pages. This is the link to ours MGCGB Official Buy&Sell page

See my reply reference the official MGCGB Buy&Sell page. Link to MGCGB Buy&Sell page

@guzzibrat Yeah the reference @sidthelid and I made was to the MGCGB Marketplace page and not facebook.

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Cheers. Thanks for the clarification.