Four "Play-Out" in The Lake District

As the title suggests, Tony, Kevin, Jim and Stumpy, had expressed a need for a little ride-out, or get together… Something that was a little bit more than one of the “breakfast meets” … So, Kevin canvassed opinions, options, and asked for preferences … The idea of the Lake District, was a hands down winner …! It meant each of us having to travel a little, in order to assemble at a meeting up point, that wasn’t too far from our goal …
After keeping a wary eye on the weather forecaster’s promises, ( Or if you prefer, their hopeful “stabs in the dark”) … it seemed that the weather gods were going to be kind to us … Things were looking good, and lift-off was not to be aborted !!
Sunday 27th … My alarm woke me at stupid o’clock, in order to get to the rallying point of Devil’s Bridge for 8-30am … Yes, I was last to arrive !! ( I suspect Kev, Stumpy and Jim camped the night before …!! Huddled together for warmth, under the butty-van !!)
Filled with a little breakfast and brews, we saddled up at 9am, and the “ride-proper” got under way … Four guys, with a sum total of 250 years experience, maturity, or possibly foolishness, under their belts … and nearly 250 horse power, at their wrists… ( 200 being Kevin’s), rumbled away eastwards… The plan was to take in the quieter side of the region, take the road “less-travelled”, and experience a number of passes … We certainly did that… I think we had more “passes” than Eric Morecambe, in his famous Mastermind sketch …!! Seriously Kev, your route-plan was magnificent … right down to the fuel stops, and food stops … A certain amount of traffic was encountered in places, but it was a Sunday, and the sun was shining, and The Lake District is there for us all to enjoy … But, all those walkists and cyclers …!!!
Ok, back to normality … The ride involved many stops, including one for me, when cramp decided to strike… and “comfort-breaks” whenever required … The ride took in, Newby Bridge, Grizebeck , Silecroft , Ravenglass , Fuel at Holmrook before turning inland at Calder Bridge … Then, taking the “twisties” towards Ennerdale, Loweswater, Crummock Water, and Buttermere before a well earned rest half way along Honister Pass … Refreshed, we continued through Borrowdale to Keswick, ( another little break), then down past Thirlmere, Grasmere and Rydal Water to the edge of Ambleside, where we rode “The Struggle” to the Kirkstone Inn … Would you believe we needed yet another break …!!
Suitably refreshed, we realised just how long this trip had taken us, and it was decided that we were going to be out till past tea-time … So we all relished the suggestion Kev made … "Who fancies fish and chips in Settle, on the way home …? Not one voice against …!! Yet again we enjoyed a ride that took in two national parks …
I’m sure someone else will post their account of the day … But I must say that, I enjoyed great weather, company, scenery, laughter, and comradeship … Gentlemen, it was a pleasure to enjoy your company on a great day out … Regards, Tony

Cheer Tony, but Google maps research and a Beeline for route reminders simplifies things immensely. A group that works together is a big help too.