FP73XYX ‘New’ V100s .. be v careful

There is a long thread on another forum about this bike.

In short, the buyer rejected it because of a number of apparent faults, he suspects that the engine had been removed at some stage.

He described how difficult it was to get his money back and says that he has now found that the same machine is back on sale with, he say’s, an economical description.

Since, the answers to new potential buyers questions have been very different to the story given by the original customer.

So if you are looking at buying a nearly new V100s reg FP73XYX……

Be very vigilant.

Message me for more details as I’m reluctant to publish the dealers details online.


Just a gentle reminder that this forum*, including this post, can be read by anyone.

*The one exception being ‘ Club Members’ Discussion Area’.

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Which is why I worded my post very carefully and didn’t name the dealer.

There are always two sides to a story.


Have you got a link to the detailed account? I would like more information.



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You can find the account here Brand new Moto Guzzi v100s corrosion | ::. UKGSer .:: though I’m not sure if you need to register first?

Yes, there are two sides to every story however the Dealer’s side has not been forthcoming as far as I’m aware. In any case, any prospective purchaser should be entitled to all the facts before going ahead. Is this merely a pre-registered bike that has become available because the customer simply changed their mind or because they rejected it as not being of merchantable quality?

I think that the 2 photos above speak for themselves.

There are other photos on the UKGSer forum which suggest to me that the engine might have been removed.

As you say, we haven’t heard from the dealers (directly)