Frame & Engine Numbers Matching?

Should there be any relationship between the frame and engine numbers on my 1980’s V50 Mk2 and V50 Monza. The initial letters match but numbers are completely different.
Descriptions of bikes often include the term ‘matching numbers’ and on another british bike I have, there are similar numbers on frame and engine.


Matchin nos can refer to the numbers on the bike being the same as the numbers in the log book…

Very true, of course, so maybe this is just a case of interpretation ~ confusion added by later trend to give both chassis and engine of same vehicle the same number.

Whoops we seem to have three threads about this now

Guzzi used to match the frame and engine numbers on a bike up until about 1976. After then they just grabbed whatever frame and engine that came along and bolted them together.People like matching frame and engine numbers as it shows the bike is original and not had a replacement engine at some time in the past.

mines a '77 and frame / engine numbers are different.dont get to hung up on it, as long as you have a frame and engine number , and they match you logbook / v5 etc don’t worryremember on a 30-40 year old bike its quite possible that due to an engine problem it may have been replaced .my brand new car is now 12months old and has had to have a new engine due to a factory recall… nothing sinister to worry to about

guzzi-v352014-04-29 09:09:41

Though it is true that some manufacturers built bikes with matching numbers on the frame and engine, and as mentioned earlier even Guzzi did once, a lot of them didn’t, can’t say I remember ever having a bike with matching numbers, and I’ve had quite a few. I only really became aware of it a few years back when collectors started investing in bikes, and a bike’s financial value became the most important thing about it to some people.

If it’s originality you want to prove you’d have to have a copy of the original log book or V5 showing the numbers that are on it.

Many thanks for all your replies, has cleared it up for me.