Frame numbers

Can anyone help out with a guy who has bought a V35. It has no V5 and a rather unusual frame number. According to the book
V35TT frame numbers should start with the letters PU. The frame number
on this has just one letter ‘M’ and ends with an ‘M’ as well and has . 6 numbers instead of 5: As in M211**7M There is no VIN plate. Anyone had any experience of military models, do they have an M suffix?

has he checked both sides of the steering head as we had a problem with a v50 I had the frame powder coated and there is two numbers on the steering head one the frame number one a type approval or similar type number the frame number was obscured by the powder coat and only the type approval number showed through ,no problem until the new type mots and it got picked up ended up taking a power file to the nice shiny powder coat to find the number ,it may not be that but worth checking
Regards Keith

Thanks Keith, Where was the hidden number as the official one is usually on the right side.