Hi guys, I have never toured abroad before and have just booked three weeks at the beginning of September. I’m doing it solo and in a chilled out manner, on a Cali and don’t plan to do an inch of motorway. Amix of camping and B&B is my intention and somewhere new most days.
Any tips on nice places (castles and scenery I like, culture, arts and gastronomy not so much) all information welcome.
I start and finish in Roscoff and intend to take in Route Napoleon.
Thanks in advance.

Stay clear of bearded shouty types.

Douarnenez is a short ride south from Roscoff and has a maritime museum (a graveyard for old wooden fishing boats) nice town try a drink in one of the bars in the old harbour. From there a short ride south east to Carnac and the rows and rows of standing stones. Sainte Nazaire is a bit further south east from there if you are interested in WW2 naval doings. No trip would be complete without a cruise down the Mulsanne straight (D338?) of the Le Mans circuit. Have fun!

You could go to Mandello for the 95th anniversary. Although that’s not in France …

Thanks people,and I’m afraid I have no real desire to trudge all the way to look at an inefficient factory. I know I know I’m ready for the tirade.

Do you mean the Piaggio scooter factory? :wink:

I used to live in France and there’s loads of great riding to be had. I did a stretch of the Route Napoleon from Grasse to Digne-les-Bains last year.It was good, but I enjoyed more a stretch of road that I previously knew nothing about going west from there later in the day - the D94 to Nyons: lovely sweeping bends on a great road surface along a river gorge.

Good day Mo,a few fellow bikers,numbers four at present,intend doing a 5/6 day trip at the end of April.The plan is to head south after breakfast at Honfleur, 6/7 hours blast to base camp 1 to Orleans,I say blast but it will be more of a bimble avoiding motorways.Cheap hotel accommodation the first night ,the following days we plan to take it easy heading back north up the loire valley all the way to the coast taking in the coast line of Brittany and heading back to base camp in suisse normande.

A maiden trip to France sounds very exciting and i am sure you will be more than thrilled with what France has got to offer for us motorcyclists.Any information we collate on the way I will pass on to you.I will also foward you a telephone number of a old mate of mine who would be more than happy to help you should you come across some French resistance or need help with the lingo ect.It is always reassuring to know you have some back up should problems occur on such trips.(fully fitted workshop,bench tools trailer).You know the deal,guzzist are family and thats the way I like to keep it.

There is also a planned 3/4 day jaunt planned june/july/august time,no date fixed as yet so it may well be september time.
I enjoy touring on my own too ,there is just something special about being solo,just man and machine.

Hi Mo, I’m planning a similar trip but fancy the Route Des Alps down to the Med and return via the Route Napoleon.
the Ride mags have a number of alternative “nicer, quieter” detours off the Napoleon that maybe worth looking at. They can be found on-line, just go to Ride in google.

Hope you enjoy, lt us know how you get on. :slight_smile:

This is all excellent information, much appreciated.

Having reconsidered, as part of my itinerary will be including the route napoleon, south to north I could engineer it to coincide with the mandello weekend which would only be about a 4 hour ride away. Hmm I wonder if it’s worth it.

Oh yes Mo, well worth the visit as long as you don’t mind crowds and people enjoying themselves! I really enjoyed the 90th and am trying to get to the 95th. Did you know the club is organizing some Guzzi club camping just outside the town?