French Crit’air Certificate

I believe it is necessary to have a pollution certificate & sticker for all motor vehicles travelling to France, these are needed particularly in cities when the weather is hot and there is little wind. If you don’t meet the minimum qualification, you’re not allowed to drive. There are penalties for not having such a certificate.

You can go online and download a cert, for a fee.

But not if your bike is 45 years old - I don’t remember exactly, but I think it only does up to 30 years old. I’d like to take the LeMans to Mandello this September, and would like to know how to get the cert & sticker.

Does anyone know what to do? Does the French Guzzi Owners club have any advice?


Hi Simon,

We live in France and only have one on our car, but I looked at the website it seems you need one for motorbikes too. I will look into it and then post my findings here

Cheers Uki

This is the official french government site and they very nicely have an english version as well:

Motorbikes who were registered first time before 1st June 2000 don’t need a sticker!

For newer bikes you need a Crit Air sticker (on your forkleg, cost € 4.51 incl postage) if you want to enter certain low emission Zones (ZFE).
Mostly affected are the big cities e.g. Paris, Reims, Strasbourg but news ones are contantly added, others only affect comercial vehicles at the moment.

If you don’t have one it will cost you € 45.00 if you pay imediately

And whilst I’m at it: in Germany you don’t need an emission sticker (Umweltplakette) for motorbikes

My conclusion is: I won’t get one as I don’t intent to go to Paris, Reims or Strasbourg on my bike! :wink:


I’ve read the French site and it appears that my LeMans is “non classe”, which presumably means that I would be banned from any conurbation that had a pollution limit in force, but otherwise not a problem.

I’m not quite sure how a visitor is supposed to know, but I guess there will be signs. Would be annoying if the hotel that you’ve booked was actually inside the zone…

Fingers crossed!

Postscript; Reims is en route and we intended to spend a night there. From the city website;

Vehicles not affected by the traffic restrictions
• motor two-wheelers, tricycles and quadricycles
• motorbikes and mopeds

That helps.

I am just back From Europe, rode all the way up through France, avoided all the places you need one , no issues. My daughter lives in Paris which makes it a pain to visit if my wife and I are on the Nortons. Last time managed to get a hotel just outside the main ring road and she visited us.Grenoble is also now allergic to bikes, easy, I stopped going, plenty other places to visit.