French Helmet Stickers

Help me out please!

I’m off to France in a bit and understand that my lid needs reflective stickers to meet French law

Problem is that the helmet says don’t put stickers on it

I couldn’t get any sense out of Caberg UK and have just written to Caberg Italy

What have other people done or am I out thinking myself?

See the thread further down the page - doesn’t appear to be an issue any more.

Here is the previous post

Saves me replying.
Apparently Calais is a bit of a hole at present.

I’ve been to France three times this year and have no stickers on my helmet.
I don’t think they bother about this with tourists, unless maybe they have reason to pull you for something else, then they might throw that at you as well.
Hope you enjoy your trip.


However according to the Pilgrims Papers the French have now banned in ear music.
Satnavs and hands free phones OK.