Fresh in from Italy

I couldn’t resist it…

And quite rightly so.

I like that a lot. What year is that one?
Suprised it has pillion pegs for an off road competion machine.

Er, if I remember rightly it started life as a Stornello Sport from 1966 I think, then was transformed by Dolza in Turin. It was taxed for one, year only, 1970 (got the original tax disc), and has 5,000 km on the clock. I guess they just didn’t bother removing the pegs if it was doing ‘regolarita’ type events.italianmotor2013-09-25 14:01:51

looks nice
saw one in the museum and liked it in army trim

If there’s enough interest I might van it down to the next Oxford branch do

Yes there is interest.

Had it running today for the first time, lovely motor, loud exhaust.italianmotor2013-10-03 17:22:14