Friction damper discs

Some of the original friction discs in the rear suspension dampers had been replaced by the previous owner with some rubber discs that had been cut to fit ( almost ). I have ordered some correct discs from Barbara Escher, but I am wondering whether there is anything I need to know about fitting them.

It looks like I just replace the home-made discs with the proper ones . . . but . . . I’d like to be sure that I’m not missing something.


I have litle knowledge of these, apart from following a recent conversation on the Google Guzzi Singles page. Someone was after a set for an Falcone, various options were discussed, he ordered new parts from Italy, they turned up and it turned out they were no more than discs of hardboard.
I see you have asked the same question on that group.
Have a read of this conversation!topic/guzzi-singles/55YnlfwM1iI

Thanks Don,
I posted here first as this is a regular haunt for me, but then realised that the Google group is more active.

On a related note, I would advise our readers not to do a web search that includes the words “singles” and “groups” . You can find yourself with a long list of unwanted sites.

Personal experience? :smiley:

Just don’t forget to add the word Guzzi to ensure you get the better class of singles. Being the dating officer must be a good job!

Hi, I would suggest you contact Marco at for the friction discs. His service is excellent and the parts he supplies are first class.
Cheers Phil

Thanks Paul,
I was not aware of Guzzi Retro before. I’ll add them to my list of suppliers.

As for comments about the “Dating Officer” well . . . what can I say ? There’s probably a good reason why few members on this forum use their face as their avatar. :wink:

Have you seen the guy on the Google group who is making cork discs, on the same thread I expect.

I’ve just spotted it.
It’s a new thread regarding the Airone speedo drive, but interesting because he is making them from cork, AND, he is only asking £19 , which is half what I just paid Barbara Escher for wooden ones.