Front brake adaptors/ conversion

I’ve got a Mk5 le Mans that I’m putting spoked wheels and Le Mans 1/11 discs on. The original discs are very small so the calipers won’t fit as the new discs are too big. Does anyone know where I can buy adaptors/ conversion kit to move the calipers up the leg a bit or will I have to get some made? Also considering changing to 4 pot calipers…

Have a rad of what Parodi has been up to see if that offers any inspiration:-

out of interest what size are the original disks? if they are 270mm like the t5 you can swap the lower legs and get bigger disk to fit

yeah they’re TINY, I thought they were 280.Swap lower legs is an option but what lower legs would fit as they’re the larger diameter forks???

What size stantions have you got ? 35/38/40 mm


The discs are 270 as the 1000 LM originally had 16" wheels, and they forgot to put bigger discs when the wheels got bigger. The Cali 3 with 40mm forks had bigger discs, but I think the fork spacing is wider. I expect you can mix’n’match that stuff if you want, Cali sliders and so on, I also think you could once get a Brembo kit which included adapter plates or something.

Have a word with reboot for some lower legs to suit bigger disks

Any one that made a conversion so older bikes could fit the newer disca and calipers would be on a winner I reckon. I have seen it done somewhere. BUT I wonder just how many would want to fit the 4 pot calipers and modern brakes?

I shudder to think how much fork flex you would get with modern brakes!!!

look what I found on the forum: