Front brake lever, most CARC models

Guzzi price something like £75, just for the lever.This one is advertised for the Stelvio, but is exactly the same as my Norge, so should also fit other models. £13 including postage.

Interesting. About 3 years ago I replaced my lil’Breva’s front brake lever via Guzzi for less than £20.00.Are they doing the old Honda thing of upping the price for the more expensive models?If so very naughty.

£75 for a lever is taking the pee… “rich boys toys” {he mutters darkly}
Mike H2013-06-28 15:00:37

Try this one also…

That looks like a Breva 750 fitment with a span adjust, which would make it just like a Deauvilles. I have one on my Breva.

I got two in the post this week ,look good and yes I think they will fit the 750 Breva will try them this weekend thanks Brian
Regards Keith