Front brake light not working

Right - about to take my V35 Imola II out and noticed the front brake light is not functioning.
I assume this is the brake light switch that is duff as the bake/front left brake system is ok.
Any advice where to look? Actually - I’m not even sure where the switch is!!!?
Any help appreciated!

Guzzis of that era typically uses a pressure switch in the hydraulic line to run the light. A pita as if it fails you have to replace and then bleed the system. I’m not familiar with that model - does it have the cable on the lever running to the hydraulic master under the tank? If so that is likely where you’ll find the switch.

Next question - is it actually an MOT/legal requirement on a bike that age? If you do most of your braking with the excellent linked system then personally I’d be learning to live without it.

As I recall, my V35 Imola ii only had a switch on the rear. All that was required back then, before the nanny state.

As far as I am aware you still only need one working brake light switch for an MOT

Maybe things changed with different years, but this wiring diagram suggests it should have a front brake switch. It does seem to cover a range of bikes V35 Imola II / V 50 Monza II / V 65 Lario 1st series - 1984 Item 32.

Well found Don, looking at the diagram the front and back break light switch blue/red wires, to the rear stop light, connect via the multi pin connector with the front brake switch to the front of this connector and the rear switch to the rear as you would expect if they are at different ends of the bike and not side by side as shown on the diagram.

I have not drawn this wiring diagram myself but have drawn the V35III that has electronic ignition rather than points that the Imola II has. The wire colours are the same though. Red power supply from the dash lights and the volt meter and blue/red to the tail light via the multi pin connector either in the headlight shell or under the tank.

I am sure that it is a hydraulic pressure switch, so follow the brake pipe from the handlebar lever until you find a junction with a cylindrical spacer with wires coming out of it. That will be the switch. Check the wires for good tight and clean fit on the spade terminals, and also for continuity of red/blue wire to the rear brake light and red wire(s) should have power with the ignition on. If all this checks out the switch is at fault. Replace the switch and refill/bleed the front brake.

Best of luck!

That is a date of manufacture consideration. I am not sure of the threshold date.

From MOT inspection manual: motorcycles - 4. Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment - Guidance - GOV.UK

Motorcycles first used on or after 1 April 1986 must have a stop lamp that switch on from both brake controls. However, a small number of motorcycles first used from this date were approved with the stop lamp switching on by only one control. You should fail the stop lamp only if you are certain that it was originally manufactured to switch on from both controls.