Front brake micro switch

The micro switch on my 1100i is playing me up, jamming on. Tried cleaning it up but I thinks its an internal fault. Is there a non-guzzi replacement or do I have to pay the guzzi money for one ?ta Jim Mac

Good idea. I have a non-oem headlight, brackets, front indicators, throttle assembly, cables, stainless rear wheel covers, later Cali rear indicators/brake light, later Valeo starter, plus additional lcd clock voltmeter and probably other stuff that I’ve forgotten.Glad you found what you needed. CheersAllan

That is a very good idea!

For all things electrical, also try Maplin Electronics or Rapid Electronics.

My Monza has a 99p kill-switch, and a £1.05 Starter button. All whilst retaining the original switch clusters on the bars.

[QUOTE=jim mac]Even better deal: you can get a replacement from Maplins - Sub-Miniature Micro Switch part no N95AQ costs £2.95This switch has three spade ends on it, ignore the middle one or break it off. It looks slightly different to the OEM in that it has a sqaure ‘nipple’ in place of the round one on the OEM, but it fits and works perfectly
[/QUOTE]Beer from me at the V twin Jim! (at this rate they’d better get a few extra barrels on)

Where exactly is this switch fitted?

On the handlebar lever.

And the Maplin one works perfectly. MOT tomorrow?!?!?