Front brakes on the 1400 Cali

Sticking Pistons again it seems it doesn’t matter how clean and well maintained my front calipers are they seem prone to sticking and wearing out front brake pads the bike has only just hit 18000ml and I have lost count the amount of bake pads I have replaced any one else had the same problem ?

Yes. Piaggo X10 (maxi-scooter). Not the same thing I know but I’m guessing same reason, viz, the pistons have no protection from the elements so corrode and seize up. I cleaned mine up and got them moving freely then coated them with Brembo grease, safe for piston seals. I did the same for the Ural’s calipers, albeit brand new (at the time), for prevention, again, bare unprotected steel pistons! Seems to be the modern trend.

You could try ACF-50 brushed sparingly onto the exposed areas of the Pistons.
It’s safe on Rubber, so won’t hurt the Dust or Pressure seals.
I must be lucky, I’ve never had sticking Pistons on any Bike as far as I can recall.

Regular cleaning will obviously help.

I had to buy a new front disc wasn’t to bad it only cost 109 pounds it also includes the carrier that was from Jim Alan’s going to change it when I get a new front tyre and then get it balanced hopefully it will last longer than 18,000mls this time just wanted to keep the brakes working well 335kg plus needs all the help it can get

Do you think the disc is causing the pistons to jam? Or is this for another reason?

Last time I worked on the front brake the Pistons stuck on the one side and caused the worn down pads to touch the carrier damaging the bobbins I freed of Pistons again put new pads in so far working fine again there was only about 0.5 Ml on that side looking forward to putting the new disk on I have used my Cali in all weathers over the past 5years the new radial calipers seem very unforgiving never had so much problems with guzzi calipers 9 guzzis and counting .

See my other post about using Brembo grease on the pistons. This also keeps the crap and water out. Better than just spraying them with something. I agree with you the old P8 and P9 calipers have rubber seals to protect the pistons AND you got a little tube or sachet of grease to put on first, with an overhaul kit. Now you can’t just get an OH kit just like that for the new ones, the cynic in me says they just want you to buy a new caliper.