Front discs T4

Hi again,
just had my wheels re-powdercoated and apart from excess where you want to fit things it was a nice job. This brings me to my front discs which are close/ on their wear limit but refitted for now. I have no beef with the performance but would love some drilled ones that don’t leave rust powder everwhere. Can someone tell me if there is a plug and play alternative please.

Has anyone one else done this before?


Have a look at what HMB in Germany have. I don’t know which discs go on a T4 but they do a drilled disc kit for T3’s and the like, with replaceable rotors.

Good to know. :bulb:

Very nice looking bit of kit, but not cheap

There is also a cheaper version, not drilled, not floating. 159 euro each.

Not sure if this is relevant, but i bought a very expensive pair of EBC stainless steel front discs for my Kawasaki zzr1100 as my originals had warped and i was very disappointed, the stainless pitted badly and stained badly (within a month), the road salt really attacked the stainless steel. also i thought they lacked the bite that the original discs had, when i reported this to EBC with pictures as proof they weren’t interested, in the end i bought some original used discs off eBay which worked much better. I wouldn’t use stainless discs again!, however you may have a different experience with the HMB ones??

Whilst there may be plug and play alternatives…in our experience nowt is as good as the old ones…alas…