Front suspension squeak - Cali 1100i

Just recently bought a Cali 1100i and really pleased with it except for 2 small issues :-

  1. Fuel pump whine - posted a query already on this


  1. Front suspension squeak - went for a 170 miler yesterday and bike was fine on smooth surfaces but faced with bumpier roads I could hear a squeak coming from somewhere intermittently. Once off the bike I bounced the front forks up and down and could hear a distinct squeak. Fork seals OK and no leaks and stanchions not binding so unsure what to check next. All yoke bolts are tight so need ideas please?Â

Are the stanchions marked at all? Have come across Guzzis where the seals have gone hard and started to mark the forks causing a squeaking noise. Worth putting a drop of silicone spray or similar on top of the seals to see if the squeak goes away.
Cheers, Gerry.Â

Good shout. One of stanchions is slightly marked but not worth replacing at this time as it is oil tight. I will do as you suggest and see if this helps. Thank you.

Not front suspension at all! Source of squeak was suspension related but was the end of a too long bolt holding rear footrest and silencer in place - the end of the bolt was catching the swing arm and doing a great job of pretending to be a file! The offending bolt has had an additional washer inserted to reduce span and squeak gone.
I reckon it had been like this for a while as the original footrest bracket had a fracture and was replaced recently - I believe the vibration probably caused the fracture.
Will source a shorter bolt or feed it through from the inside out to reduce width - maybe a bolt with a thinner head?Â

Inside out it is and with a domed nut for smarter appearance. Job done!
That’s the niggles sorted on my new bike now just set to enjoy many miles ahead.
Another 100+ miler today with friends around Swaffham and Thetford Forest. A brilliant day’s riding interspersed with teas (we are hardened tea drinkers you know)!Â