Front wheels, discs and forks

I’m looking to replace my wire front wheel on my T3 with a cast one and just wanted to clarify what I can and can’t use. From trawling through all 26 pages of this forum, my understanding is that a cast wheel with original discs attached - including any spacers - from a T3, T4 and LM1 will fit, while those from a SP, V1000G5 and LM2 would fit with spacers removed; is this broadly correct?
I have 38mm Marzocchi forks with a spacing of 185mm centre to centre measured across the top yolk/triple clamp and I note SP/V1000G5/LM2 forks have a spacing of 195mm.
Finally do most people go for a fork brace with 38mm Marzocchis or are they stiff enough as they are?

The 38mm Marzocchi forks on my bike are not braced and in my opinion are stiff enough to not require a brace

Hi H I have T5 and want to convert to wire wheels so info would be a great help my front cast however is the weird 16 inch diameter so no use to you.thinking of grafting a whole front end on from another make regards Ratt

I’ve got a T3 cast front wheel sans discs.