Fuel Compensator V7 II

Would like to ask folks comments on fitting/using Finbau compensator on V7 series 2?

Dunno about the mk2 but the mk1 plus FF makes it a good deal less “snatchy” at low revs in town.

Thank you, looks like the thing to get :slight_smile:

Someone somewhere was selling one. Can’t for the life of me remember who… might come back to me.

Hi Steve, Before you take steps to fit anything, may I ask why you feel the need to fit the aforementioned device…? I ask, because I own a V7 II , and from day one it has never chugged, snatched, ran lumpy, coughed, or spluttered … In fact, it has always done what I would expect it to do … May I ask what fuel you run it on …? The reason I ask, is the “use & maintenance” book ( English section, pages 149 and 151 ), states it has a compression ratio of 10.4 to 1 … and the fuel should be “Premium unleaded, minimum octane rating of 95” … I have had a fair few bikes with rather “tame” compression ratios, and higher octane fuel was rather wasted on them … BUT, on every machine with a compression ratio close to 10 to 1, and above, they have all benefitted greatly from higher octane fuel … In ride-ability, ( an eagerness to get up hills without changing down too much, and a noticeable increase in mpg … The extra cost of a gallon or two of “good stuff” is more than recouped by the “win win” consequences it leads to … I hope this does not “spark off” a heated debate … In my experience, higher compression ratios = higher octane … Try some before you spend any money … Regards, Tony Ps, and let us know how you get on …

I’m thinking about trying one on my V7 II racer. I’ve got Mistral exhausts, and it runs OK with the baffles in, but tried it with the baffles out today and the fuelling is horrible from idle to about 3,000. Stalled a couple of times pulling away, feels really fluffy and spluttery low down.

Update, ordered one today (Mon 13th), with luck will have it fitted for next weekend.

I have one for sale £65 including post.

I think I agree with Tony C. I run my V7 II Special on the high octane Shell petrol and there is no lumpiness. I just had the bike dealer-serviced and they downloaded a new fuel map. Strikes me that this is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because once the map is installed your bike will benefit from the manufacturer’s best effort to make your bike run as good as they can make it, but it’s a curse because you have to get your bike dealer-serviced to get the latest map. As soon as my bike is out of warranty I will be servicing it myself, so my bike will be stuck with this map for a good while.

Hi Gripper… My v7 II was supplied by Moto Strada of Shipley, near Bradford. At 900 miles it went in for it’s first service… The demonstrator that was loaned to me, ( to keep me mobile ), certainly felt more eager to rev, and just had that certain something extra, although it had only done about 1200 miles … I thought it had “loosened up” rather nicely … Then I collected mine … and told the workshop that their demonstrator felt a whole lot more eager … " Do they have a rather tame map, for the purposes of running in ? " I asked … Mr Workshop nodded, and said part of their first service was to install a new map … It certainly makes a difference … Regards, Tony

Is this uprated map available for the original 750 Breva?

I really do not know Ian … If I wanted to delve into that particular avenue, I would question a dealer … They must have records of what they have done to bikes they have supplied … I have, recently, looked into the pros and cons of re-mapping, or the fitment of some device to change the factory settings … After careful consideration, I am keeping things standard … A little more is always nice, but … I don’t want to really change what I already have … Or, to be frank… I don’t want the hassle or expense, of trying to get it back to standard when the results were not as promised … Also, I was advised, budget for a new rear tyre when a bike gets strapped onto a dynamometer for an hour and a half … they soon “square-off” … That’s only my two pence worth … Just an opinion … Tony

I installed the Finebau device last year because, in the words of the technician at the dealer in Cornwall Guzzis are “a bit ghaspy” ! And the impression I got was that there wasn’t much you could do about it! So I installed the 2 in 1 Twin Lambda Tuner Model 2016 Edition. Once I’d freed up the cables etc it was an easy install and my Nevada certainly seemed less ghaspy! Contrary to MG advice (in fact they categorically advise against it!) my bike seems to benefit from a couple of minutes warm up time before riding off. I ride quite progressively solo but also do a lot of more moderate touring two up with the missus and on the open road you couldn’t wish for a smoother ride. At the moment it’s running sweet as a nut and I’ve no complaints. My question is, if I take it in to a dealer and it’s plugged into their engine management computer for mapping / checks, what will be shown when the Fuel Compensator is fitted? Also what are folks’ views on changing to higher spec fuels (Shell, BP) as suggested elsewhere? And would 97 RON etc make for cooler running as well? If there are any experts out there I’d really appreciate some evidence based comments / advice.

I tried Castro ValveMaster Plus in my lil’Breva.
It felt worse and I got less mpg out of it.

Has anyone tried running it with the lambda unplugged?