Fuel economy- what do you get from your V100?

I’m still running my V100 in, so early days, but today on a steady run to the Dales (always kept 3,00- 4,500 rpm, with no harsh acceleration), mine only returned just under 35mpg. The computer tells me I’m getting over 50mpg, but that’s patently not true. After 125 miles I put a sminch less than 17 litres in the tank, so it must have been pretty close to the reserve when I filled it up.

What are other folk getting on their V100 and did you notice the consumption change after the first service or longer?

Just to mention, the mpg calculation on my V7 850 tells lies as well, so I ignore it and still do it the old fashioned way, by trip meter.

Just ridden mine from South London to near Gloucester and the mileage declared was 41.7 mpg which I’d say is close to correct. It had been nearer 44 mpg after a motorway trundle but more spirited riding brought it down.

Just running mine in and so far averaging 52mpg (from a fuel to mileage calc, not the computer) so pretty pleased, however, I always ONLY use Esso Synergy Supreme+, which obviously costs more so the better fuel economy balances out.

Mine is now in the latter stages of running in and thankfully the mpg has improved to low 50’s like yours. I think that day in the Dales was a bit of a one-off to deliver such an unusually low fuel economy. After the first service I’ll be back in the hills to see if it’s any better - I hope so!

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I used 13ltrs and covered nearly 160 miles. I calculate that to around 56mpg.


I’m getting mid-50’s MPG (UK gallons) from my V100 Stelvio.