Fuel Hose and Ethanol

Quick test of opinion!

I am renewing my fuel hose (8mm id low pressure from taps to t-piece and thence to the fuel pump) on my 1997 Cali 1100i). Reinforced hose is unnecessary and too inflexible. Tried stainless braided, but it kinks and flattens.

What should I go for to remain ethanol-proof?

  • Nylon?

  • Polyurethane?

  • Silicone?

  • Something else?



Yep, I’m with Butch on this one. Other hose types may last for a while but eventually they give in to the unequal struggle with ethanol. This stuff isn’t cheap but you can “fit and forget”.

Thanks for this. Job done, but a further complication arises.

I am having great difficulty sealing the fuel sensor. New sealing washer, surfaces all clean. I don’t want to over-tighten the floating nut for fear of splitting it.

Before I reluctantly resort to instant gasket, what am I doing wrong? :confused:

(California 1100i - Manufactured 1997, first registered 2001.)

Now solved by means of completely drawing back the rubber wiring boot and stage tightening the sensor nut. With the new seal washer it took several stages over 3 days to achieve a seal.