Fuel Hose clips

Hello all,

as part of winter maintenance am changing fuel filter and all fuel lines from tank to injectors.

Can someone advise how to remove the existing hose clamps without too much fuss? I don’t know what brand or type they are, but suspect they might be the ones fitted at factory - they aren’t screwed type (which is what I’ll be replacing them with).

Any tips very welcome.

2003 Breva 750

If they are the factory crimped ones then I made a tool out of an old screwdriver by sawing off the blade and then grinding about an inch of the shank down to form a 1/8th inch square with a small taper at the end. This tool can then be pushed inside the crimped clip enough to wiggle it about and open up the clamp enough to pull it off


Sounds as if a very small bladed screwdriver might work in the same way?
The clips are so small, it’s hard with my 65 year-old eyes to see how they work exactly.


My eyes are nearly 74 so a youngster like you should be able to work it out
Alternatively as you are changing everything then you could just snip thro` them with a good pair of electricians snips


I’ll be having a go later today with luck.


Are the old style screw lock hose clips able to take the pressure?
If they are not that is something I would pat a professional to do.
Having an internal (to the bank) hose come off has no get you home fixes that I know of.

Ah, ok. Well I don’t know. Is that the lore - that screw type clamps will not hold?
I’ve got the pump etc back inside the tank and the new pipes from the tank fitted, but the tank will stay off the bike for awhile, so I can easily re-do it if people think it’s needed…?


Google for “O clips”, “double ear hose clamps”

It seems mainly they’re for the convenience of quick fitting, the crimping tool is like the pincers for trimming bathroom tiles. It’s possible tho that a greater pressure can be applied compared to winding up a screw type clamp, wiith the added possibility of the thread jumping. My Ural dealer always replaces fuel hose (pressurized) clips using the same type O clips, if that’s any indication.

Mike, there were two different types of clip/clamp fitted to the hoses - inside the tank the fittings were the ‘o’ or 2 eared type, which were fitted when Moto Corsa last changed the filter in 2013. They were a bugger to get off! I had to cut them off. The ones outside the tank were a kind that would clip up tight, would need quite a strong tool of a plier type to do up. They might be re-usable, if I had the tool.
I’m inclined to think that, as you suggest, the advantages of using the above types of clamp are: speed; compactness; light weight; cost.
Given that the fuel filter spigots have the ‘swelling’ at their tips, as long as the screw type clamp is tightened sufficiently and correctly positioned, I don’t see how it can blow off under pressure. But I am willing to learn from anyone with more experience in these matters than I (which is not much - this is the first bike I’ve worked on that has pressurised/21st Century fuel system!).
Thanks to all for your input so far.

The simple answer is to buy the best quality clips you can afford, I may be lucky but Ive never had a jubilee clip blow off under pressure. However I have had failures due to reusing clips of unknown vintage but its always been due to the worm thread wearing or breaking, and in a couple of instances the clips were so poorly made that the thread barely bit into the hoop, so let go before it was properly tightened up. The main thing to remember is that Jubilee` clips are rarely used in automotive manufacture (neither car or bike) but only because of the cost factor and weight where every gram has to be accounted for


They were a bugger to get off! I had to cut them off.

Yes I believe that is what you have to do. Not personally done it yet tho.

I think this is the thing they are not reusable, nor meant to be; you have a pack of new ones as spares and the crimping tool.

that’s why I favour the screw type - because with them all you need is a screwdriver or small socket and handle, so roadside repairs are possible, if it came down to it.
On the other hand, perhaps the non-screw type are more ‘secure’…? One way in which they are more secure is in terms of tamper resistance, and I’ve seen that used as a selling point in their favour. But are they also more secure in the sense that we are concerned about here?

Chris, I’m not using the ‘Jubilee’ type, but the sort (‘Miniclip’ they might be called generically) without the worm gear, they have a bolt that engages with a ‘nut’ to screw up. Stainless, brand new.

Now that sounds good.
BTW I am not saying the old jubilee clips cannot do the job, merely questioning.

I could be wrong (frequently am) but I rather got the impression the crimped type are more secure, where FI fuel hoses are concerned bearing in mind they’re under pressure, not just gravity feed. Be interested what an MOT man might say if he finds a screw type one on an injection system. If at all. I’ll have to ask when next there’s opportunity

Asking around and looking around, on Motobins webshop I found Part No 74100K, fuel pump kit for BMW K Series bikes (with similar type of fuel filter), for which the illustration shows the same type of hose clips/clamp that I have used (see above).
The clamp is also shown as a separate item, listed as suitable for many BMW models (fuel-injected).
Interesting to note how much lower in price the replacement BMW type fuel pumps are from Motobins than those I’ve seen on sites catering for Guzzis…