Fuel Hose for Breva 11

another question yep curious. lol.
What fuel pipe is recommended to replace old hose or does it have to be a Guzzi part?
I know the hose has to be suitable to be submerged in fuel and resistant of course.

Which bit of fuel hose are you replacing?

Hi Brian
looking to replace internal fuel line that joins the fuel filter. just want to be prepared. as I believe this gel hasn’t been looked at. on a 55 plate. so expecting the filter not changed or the hose as done low miles.

Make sure you replace the filter with an all metal one. you probably have one of the half plastic time bombs in there.Unless you see a problem with the fuel pipe, just replace the hose clamps when you change the filter. The pipe in there should be a bendy corrugated one.Otherwise any reputable fuel hose specified for fuel injection should be fine.

Recommend using 6mm viton hose, will not be affected by fuel, very flexible and expands over connectors nicely.G.

Brian and Duffo thanks for your assistance :slight_smile:

Hope you get the B11 on the road, even at sub zero temps.All the best, Gerry.