Fuel leak Breva 750 ie

Hi, this morning I tried to start my Breva 750 and starter motor worked fine but it would not start (very unusual). After trying a couple of times, I noticed a large fuel puddle under the bike. I do not know if it was there and I had not noticed it or if fuel came out when trying to start the bike.

I hesitate to start the bike in case of fire and I will have it trasported to a garage. (Am I right?)
Do I need a specialist garage (like the main dealer in Newcastle) or any garage would be able to fix this? I have a very friendly garage in Durham but I think this is the first Guzzi they see.

the high pressure fuel lines are meant to be replaced every ten years, however I had mine replaced, then five years later they started to fail due to modern rubbish fuel , they come out of the tank and split in a Y branch to each injector, a good small motorcycle shop should be able to sort it out
also there are two rubber pipes from the fuel filler, one is to let water run away, the other to let air in and to release over pressure in hot weather
they also need replacing, and an air line applying to the two holes in the cap to clear sludge and muck through ( they feed the flexible pipes via metal pipes bonded into the tank)


Thank you!