fuel pressure reg nut

On my EV the fuel pressure regulator is connected by a nut to the front underside of the fuel tank. I believe the nut is the same one as on my old T3 fuel taps, it has a left hand thread on one end and a conventional right hand thread on the other. It never seemed a problem to remove/re/fit the fuel taps on the T3, but on this with slightly more restrive access, it’s a bgg (and I know I’m not the only one that’s struggled with it). Other than supporting the weight of the tank with timber, does anyone have any good tips to make it easier?

If you mean the hose connection just behind the headstock its not a left hand thread.

I think it may depend on year as the eary ev’s had the same set up as the 1100i which had the regulator on the frame whereas the later ev’s the regulator is on the tank.
Is it not possible to disconnect the hose leaving the regulator on the tank until you have the tank off to get better access?

Early ev:

Later ev:

HaydnR2012-05-23 17:16:31

Loosen the tank at the back bolt, ease it back off the rubber locating bungs and acces is absolutely fine. The thread is conventional direction. I have had a 99 Cali EV and now have a 97 Cali 1100i , both the same. Darryl
DazGuzzi2012-05-23 17:52:55

it does tighten up - if it has never been off before it might be a bit seized

Spot on. It’s a bit difficult to comment until we know which setup the OP has.

guzzijack2012-05-23 19:09:59

That’s how I do the Jackal -long screwdriver to the hose clamp & then push the pipe off. I believe the thread is left handed into the regulator & right handed onto the tank, but I wouldn’t swear to it & I’m not going to trip over it & wreck it in the dark (it’s almost ready to re-fit…). I’ll take a peek when I get back from work tomorrow (long day tomorrow though) & confirm if no one else has.

Many thanks for thr replies so far. Mine appears to be the later set up in Haydnr’s diagrams. the nut is both left and right hand thread. The easy way to remove the tank would indeed be to remove the hose,rather than undo the nut, although that would mean replacing the crimped clamp with a jubilee clamp. I was reluctant to do this, and hoped to follow the manuals (rather simplistic) instruction to undo the nut. Actually undo the nut is dead easy, it’s the retightening of the nut with it’s opposing threads thats the tricky bit, and I hoped that somebody may have defined the technique to do it

Oh yes! Definitely replace with a good quality jubilee with rounded edges to the band, & do the nut up before you make it barely accessible by refitting the tank.

I’ve replaced all my hoses with stuff fit for methanol polluted petrol, & that’s one which I may make a wee bit longer so as to facilitate easier removal next time -unless anyone tells me it’s crucial to maintain the same volume/length of pipe…