Fuel pump


My mate has a “Doctor John” beast and the fuel pump is clogged up with horrible orange stuff - yuk - so dead !

Do you know whether the pump for the Alfa would work (as per your link) as £45 is much better than £229 quoted

Your help would be appreciated.

p.s. it looks exactly the same …

Davedtpeebles2012-04-21 17:17:17

no reason why they shouldn’t if you look the carb engined biked need a lower psi pump than the Fuel injected bikes, so if you know what the pressure of the pump is there shouldn’t be a problem. I have used the alfa pump on a Virage and the McGill one also works well . McGill are however helpfull and do know what they sell. worth a call to them i recon.

The EV pump (similar vintage to the Dr John) is an Alfa part.There are a couple of threads on this including links to a supplier.All the best,Steve

look through te listings the SAME part numer pump for a Ford is actually cheaper???

52mm 3 bar external fuel pump as fitted to cali 1100i and many other models 12mm inlet 8mm outlet.

You can pick up a new pump on ebay for £35 . They are a common pump on 80’s-90’s european cars. I think the only difference if any is they may have an 8mm outlet instead of 7mm.
eg http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Petrol-Fuel-Electric-pump-Vauxhall-Opel-Omega-2-0-90020443-1-YEAR-WARRANTY-/251029681148?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3a7288f3fc#ht_1802wt_1037

A bosch replacement are £100 ish and via Guzzi £175+.

Dimensions and cross reference here