Fuel sensor light

I have a California Stone. I have replaced the fuel sensor but it does not have helped. the fuel level sensor light stays on even when the tank is full. any ideas!

How does the sensor work?

Disconnect it.

how do i know if im short of fuel

If you roughly work out how much the tank holds and how many mpg your getting it’ll give you an idea of how many miles you can do from a full tank to a low tank. In the days before low fuel warning lights on motorbikes this is how it was done. I disconnected the fuel sensor on my California many years ago for exactly the same problem that your having.

When the bike stops working! Or replace the faulty fuel sensor.

I have a slightly earlier Cali 3 from 88. The fuel sensor has 2 wires going to it that are connected together when the fuel level gets low. I would imagine yours is something similar.
Disconnect the two wires and the light should go out. Bridge between the 2 wires and the light should light up. If it stays on when you disconnect the wires, then the fault is in the wiring loom somewhere, if it goes out, your new sensor is probably faulty.

many thanks very useful

Do you have electric fuels taps? I had my tank off for some weeks on my 1100 Jackal and when I reconnected it all, the low fuel warning light stayed on with a full tank.
The reason for this was I had connected the level sensor and fuel tap plugs round the wrong way. A quick switch around and all is well. A schoolboy error easily sorted.