Fuel starving left cyl.

Just bought 750 Navara. Rode 60 miles, perfect. Then last couple of miles the LH cyl seems starved of fuel. Fuel had been in 3 months. (1/2 full) Topped up tank, no difference. But runs fine for a few seconds, then starving. RH cly working fine.
Any ideas?

Is the Nevada carbs or fuel injected?

Fuel Injected (2021)

sorry It’s a 2012

Hmmmm Not something that I am familiar with. I have always avoided bikes with fuel injection as I don’t understand the system!
Just curious, how do you know it is the left side and what symptoms is it showing? I would try a god clean of the plugs, maybe add some redex cleaner to the fuel. A good check of any electrical connections to the left coil etc.

Never had a Moto Guzzi before but I have had many bikes i=over the years. The sound from the LH side is like you hear when running out of fuel, while the RH side is pulling but is under a strain, than at a moment it burst back into life as if all is normal, then dies again for 5-10 sec, and burst back in and out.

There can’t be much that just affects just the one side, the HT coil, ignition sensor & throttle body. Does it have separate ecu control boxes for each side?

Empty the fuel out of the tank if it’s 3 months old, maybe use it in a lawnmower… Refill with fresh E5, and then add a good slug of Comma Oil’s Petrol Magic. Sitting on the bike, give the whole bike a good shake left and right to mix the additive into the petrol. Run the bike if you can, and leave overnight. Next day, if you can, try a ride, and if it runs give it a good go to warm everything through. If the injectors/fuel filters are particularly gummed up, add more Petrol Magic as you add petrol, and try again. The only other alternative is a more in-depth check of plugs, injector etc etc.

Okay, I’ll try that. thank you.

Fault with the injector on that cylinder??

Try some dielectric past on the connector to the injector , if no joy, remove injector, reconnect and run it up (catch fuel in a suitable receptacle) so you can see spray pattern or blockage. Several places offer ultrasonic cleaning if it’s blocked or spraypattern is poor. I’m assuming plug to lh cyl is not wet - in which case, plugs, coil and connectors. Good luck!

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My Cali used to do that. It was the potted CDI unit. No problem when cold, intermittent when hot. Swapped it out. Good as new. Does your 2012 have CDI?
Is the left exhaust stinking of petrol when it misbehaves? That would indicate electrics rather than fuel per se.
If exhaust is stinky, and spark plug is wet, see if you can borrow a CDI to try. Quick easy fix before embarking on eliminating the usual wiring and connectors potential problems…

It’s the same hot or cold/ No petrol smell, but will clean the connections to see if that resolves it.
Thanks for responding.

I will try this , if after fitting two new injectors there is no difference. Thanks for responding.

I don’t think it has two, but will check. Thanks for responding.

I’ve decided to change both injectors anyway, Thanks for responding.