Fuel tank restoration

This is not for a Guzzi, but rather a little Ducati 175 I bought a few weeks ago. This bike is in bits and has many things to sort, one of which is a dented and rusty fuel tank.
I did a simple leak test today and it seems OK so far, so I chucked a handful of M8 nuts in and shook it about. I got about half a cup of loose rust etc out, but the rest seems a bit resistant.
Having done a bit of reading, it seems there are 2 main ways to tackle rusty tanks, either fill it with vinegar and leave for a good while, or set up for reverse electrolysis with washing soda.
Anyone on here got experience of either?
After that, should I go for a sealing kit? I’m a bit reluctant having heard lots of stories about sealant coming off, and the process of applying it.

Modern sealer kits like POR15 and Caswells are designed with ethanol in mind. The application process did seem a bit complicated. I bought a kit for my Stornello but never used it as I punched holes through the bottom of the tank so replaced it with a sound one.

Tanks that have previously been lined with older products are now experiencing problems as the early liners are not resistant to ethanol and so are peeling off.
A friend has spent ages digging an old liner out of his BSA tank as it was breaking up and clogging the filters.

ive used the POR15 kit 3 times now with no problems… but its important to follow the instructions especially the bit about leaving to dry out thoroughly before going onto the next stage…