Fuelish things

I expect someone else will have covered this, but here’s my turn. The fuel pump has been particularly loud recently and it may be a coincidence but I found on examination (or maybe caused by my examination?) that one of the wires to the fuel solenoid at the tank was broken. Same at the level sensor, which explains my difficulty programming my electronic speedo’s fuel warning.

I cleaned up the cable ends, gouged out some corrosion with a stanley blade and resoldered the connections. Fuel solenoid works, back to testing the level sensor soon…

I wrapped a wadge of UHU repair resin stuff around the solders, will add some self-amalgamating tape around once that’s set. Maybe they’ll last a while… and the pump may have an easier time?

image by McFuzzi, on FlickrMcFuzzi2013-08-31 23:25:19

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Anyway, one for people to check if the fuel pump gets noisy, as this has settled down… which implies that fuel must be able to bypass the solenoid in the tank, as I’ve ridden a fair few miles with a louder hum coming from the pump.

I would imagine that the pump might well make a bit more noise if the fuel supply to it was restricted.