G5 fluid leak when upside down?

Had an accident week before last, bike on sidestand while I open garage, bike is on a slope, I have done this for 2 years (10 including other bikes). Bike starts slipping downhill, gaining speed eventually flipping over. I picked bike up straight away, rocker guards did an incredible job preventing damage. Handlebars and footpeg bent, mirror broke etc.
A little later I noticed a oily patch on the ground where the bike had been on its side downhill. What is likely to have have leaked? other than petrol which I would think would have disappeared by now, maybe it is just the result of petrol on tarmac as bike was only on side for less than a minute.
Any ideas before I check levels?


well petrol would be the most likely answer but as you say it is a oily patch, but as you also say petrol on tarmac ?, check the fork seals for leekage, I dont think it is from the fork seals but check them out if only to cross them off the list as a possible answer, can’t see how it could be either engine or gearbox oil if it had gone over on the right hand side you could maybe be thinking brake fluid from the handlebar master cyclinder.

northwest2014-07-08 23:49:02

Could be battery electrolyte, been there myself, AG


When upside down oil can/will drain into the breather and then drain onto the road when righted.

I was amazed at how well my engine ran when upside down

I emptied my carburettor onto the school car park next door expecting the petrol to evaporate away, and the stain is still embarrassingly evident a couple of weeks later.

I expect it was petrol then, maybe I should do a test, neighbour would love that, we share the drive

Lawries and rtbuxton are both right, could be either.If you don’t have any cement powder then earth on the patch for a few days works.

Most likely that the carbs would empty easiest if tipped over.