G5 Not selecting gears

Lokking for a bit of help, i have a G5 which when parked for the winter went great and selected gear in the usual Guzzi fashion. I took it out today after being Laid up since September and it changes up through the gears no problem but refuses to change down from 3rd to 2nd to 1st requiring a compete engine stop and fart about to find first. I have been told its probably just clutch adjustment but looking for any advice before I go poking around.

Any help gratefully received.


Can you feel the clutch dragging? Does it tend to creep forward if you blip the throttle with it in gear and clutch pulled in?
I would take a good look at the linkages between the lever and the back of the gearbox first, give it all a good oiling. Have you done anything to it since it was last used and working fine?

Clutch isn’t dragging at all as far as I can tell. I’ve had it serviced since off road but hadn’t used it on return from the work shop so guess they could have adjusted things. Also cleaned it to death so it could be I’ve cleaned all grease out the linkeages . Would that cause an issue. I’m having a nightmare that it’s the gear box etc so hoping it’s something simple

Years ago my V7Sport would go up through the gears but not back down so I got stuck in top. There is a selector in the back of the box which as two spring-loaded pawls. It turned out that one of the little springs had collapsed.

I would ask the dealer as to what they did when they had it, assuming it was OK when you took it in.
The linkages are most likely. Make sure they are well oiled and each angle is set at 90 degrees. Check they can move fully without fouling on anything.
I am assuming the lever feels the same, it’s not gone floppy on you. The return springs can fail