Galletto 160cc Ignition Spark

Hi all, I have finally got the engine back into the 1950, 160cc Galletto and have now started to set it up for running. The ignition spark is from the flywheel magneto (much the same as a small two stroke). I can turn the engine over using speed wrench on the flywheel nut. When the engine is turned clockwise, ie normal rotation, I get a very weak and intermittent spark, however if I turn the engine anticlockwise I get a big fat spark every second stroke. Has anyone come across this before and if so what could be the problem? Any comments would be appreciated, thanks, Phil

It will be an AC system that energises a coil. I would double check your rotor. The magnet on the flywheel must pass over the coil on the stator on the approach to TDC so max voltage is created when the points open.
Just my thoughts on what might be causing it.

Thanks for the reply Don. I think that the fact I have a “fat” spark whilst rotating the engine backwards tells me that there is not a fundamental problem within the flywheel magnets, the ignition coil the points or condenser. the points timing has been set as per the book but i will re-check as it may be a case whereby the points are opening when there is little or no voltage in the coil when the motor is turned in the running direction. I’ll keep you informed of progress. Cheers Phil

Just having a browse around, there’s not a lot of info out there, but I assume you are aware that the engine rotates clockwise as viewed from the left hand side, I remembered a friend who has a Galleto saying that the engine runs backwards comppared to most.
Have a look at page 43 here…

In case you need a parts book, have a look here …

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Thanks again, Don. Have both the parts and the user/maintenance manuals. Surprisingly they are slightly different from the ones you posted. Mine are actually correct for the version I have. I cannot believe the number of changes moto Guzzi made in a very short production run. Yes, I realise which way the flywheel turns, all the horizontal singles run such that the crankshaft throws oil up into the cylinder bore (I’m sure you also know that). It still leaves me with the question on why I get a spark when running the crank backwards but not forwards. I’m pretty sure it is to do with the timing as per my previous note. Today I have cured the leaking copper oil pipes (careful fettling of the banjo faces and the use of Dowty washers) I’m also making up the last of the cables (the throttle and choke). Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to look at the spark problem. Cheers, Phil

Hi Don, the problem has been solved! You were correct, the points cam was set so far from standard the points were opening when there was little or no voltage in the ignition coil. It is now set correctly and the “fat” spark now exists when the flywheel is rotated clockwise. Thanks for notes and “pointers” ha ha. At some stage my son Mark should make contact with you as he is slowly working on his early seventies Stornello. He has stripped it down and getting it painted. Before doing this he got it running but there was an ingoing carburation problem that will need some expert input and advice on solving. Mark is in Northampton so quite close to you.

Hi Phil Glad you got your problem resolved.
Tell your son to get in touch if he needs a hand, I’m always happy to help anyone out.
I’m actually getting close to having a go at starting my scrambler!