Galletto flywheel

Hi all. I had a go at starting my recently acquired Galletto 192 the other day and got it going… I had to stop playing with it when the flywheel loosened on the crankshaft. The previous owner had replaced the woodruff key with what looks like a steel washer cut down! Now the inside of the flywheel is scored
I managed to get another key but had to file it down to fit…tightened up the flywheel and away it ran until it chewed that up too! …Now, I’m going to open this engine sometime anyway and I’ll have the crank out but is it possible to machine a second groove for an extra woodruff key…I could possibly get a genuine key and try again but I’m afraid the harm is already done by previous owner.The ‘key’ he used was undersize and I presume the play helped loosen up the flywheel. What you guys think? Also where would I get an English workshop manual?? Searching for spares too on ebay Italy…all control cables need to be replaced, gaskets etc…

Hello Sean, If you go to wanted-Guzzi parts, look for Dingo under the topics heading and follow The Dons links you should be able to find something there. Sorry it’s such a roundabout route but I don’t know how to do those links.
There used to be a process called spark erosion which could cut a new keyway There is probably a much more modern method but I am sure any engineering firm will be able to do it for you.
Best of luck, Brian.

If it came apart again as quick as that, then the taper needs to be looked at. (Err, it IS a taper, isn’t it?) Assuming it is a taper, then you may get away with lapping it back together with fine grinding paste. The scoring on either part shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you can achieve a reasonable contact area between the two parts. The woodruff key needs to be a good fit but that’s all, it only really serves to locate the flywheel in the right position while you tighten it up, the taper fit is what is meant to hold it all together. If you do rely on the key only it will just come off again. Hope that helps?

I think Mike Lacey has some manuals translated to English but I don’t know if the Galetto is amongst them. His e mail addy is in the Gambalunga. If he has not got one, you will not find an English version.

There was a long list of parts suppliers for singles in the singles section.

My first stop if I were you would be the ladies at Valassis in Mandello. They don’t speak English and don’t have a web site but their e mail address is.

If you have the part number, there is a good chance they have what you want. Google translate is your friend


Good source of info for the Galleto is here. Sorry it is in italian. Never tried it but this site claims to translate pdf files- PDF TranslaterAs mentioned above, try redoing the taper between the crank and the flywheel with FINE grinding compound. The key is only there to locate it. A good taper should lock itself in place when tightened up. The same as in the alternator rotor on the V twins - try getting one of those off without the correct tool.Useful tip for a good puller to remove the flywheel is to use a bicycle crank puller, 22 x 1.0mm thread I think (maybe 20mm)

Thanks Guys